Zalo Spray Bottle Redesign

Product Design

In this project we colaborated with Orkla. We were tasked with redesigning the spray bottle for one of their brands. We chose Zalo.

Zalo is a popular brand that has built up a good reputation and a strong identity. We chose to redesign the Zalo spraybottle because we felt that Zalo needed something unique, which underpins the brand and stands out from the other products on the shelf.

All the spray bottles that Orkla uses right now are the same. We wanted to create a unique one for Zalo.

Current spray bottles are symmetrical. This is to keep the manufacturing process easy. We wanted to challenge that and wanted to create a bottle that is asymmetric.

We created a bottle that reflected Zalos brand with its form. A sleek design created a rather elegant look, and gave it a look that more resembles a premium product, which Zalo in a spray bottle is, compared to its competitors.

The bottom is a droplet, which is the key element in Zalos branding. The droplet is subtle. The thought was to create a “huh, that’s pretty cool”-feeling.

The bottle being, asymmetric, had its challenges. Not only, when it comes to manufacturing, but also ergonomically. We tested with a lot of users whether it was comfortable or not. The biggest problem here was to make the bottle as comfortable for left handed people, as it is for right handed people. We also researched a bit about what really is comfortable, and came with that a sleek handle is comfortable for most people.

Not only did we think about looks, but we also wanted to make the bottle suited for packaging and presentation on store shelf.