Tine Tid

Research and analysis / Concept development / 3D-modeling / Prototype fabrication

A collaboration with Tine where the goal was to create a more friendly, joyful and appetizing food tray for their Tine Tid service.

Tine Tid is a service that Tine provides for elderly people where it delievers ready-made food directly to their home. The food is primarly meant to be heated by a microwave. The task was to redesign the containers/rays that the food came in.

With this project we wanted to make the trays resemble traditional ceramic oven-proof kitchenware. The thought was that, especially for the eldelry, the trays would remind them of their youth, when such kitchenware was more widely used.

The look of a ceramic casserole was also meant to motivate the elderly to transfer their food from the container to the plate, as this was a more appetizing way of serving the food according to our and Tines findings. This was especially important, as one of the problems arising with older age, is the lack of appetite.

The trays were required to come in three versions with one, two or three compartments. We chose to keep the same general shape of the container for all of the three trays, with the one with the two compartments having a dividing wall.

When it comes to the tray with three compartments, we realised that the third compartment was often used for sauce or other smaller side. We decided to make the third compartment in the shape of a sauce boat. The sauce boat can be taken out of the tray.

We tested our trays for ergonomics and looks at the St.Hanshaugen retirement home. Our design also takes into consideration the production methods with which the trays would be produced.

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